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ENVIRONMENTAL mission and actions


The Golfo Dulce Lodge is a private nature reserve protecting around 300 hectares of tropical lowland primary rainforest, secondary forest, fruit trees, extensive helicona-field and pasture which partly is being let naturally overgrown and partly used to plant more fruit trees. The main part of the lodge property is virgin primary rainforest partly overlapping the Piedras Blancas National Park.

At the plane area of the lodge site some 30 years ago native families were planting bananas, maize and cacao for their living. In those years they had lots of hunting dogs and were accustomed to get their fresh meat out of the forest. Thanks to the conservation efforts of the Golfo Dulce Lodge and nearby neighbors the hunting has almost diminished and it is remarkable how the wildlife has recovered over the past years within the area of Playa San Josecito.

The Golfo Dulce Lodge only offers ecological tours in small groups such as jungle hikes through primary and secondary forest and boat tours to the mangroves of the Esquinas River accompanied by a guide. A self-guided tour with an informative description of the most interesting plants growing along the path leads to a safe observation platform at the rainforest edge. For those interested in plants, we also have a garden sector with native plants only, which have been marked to help you recognize the different species. There are educational hangouts about local traditions, the release project nearby as well as about flora and fauna in a small ranchito and a comprehensive library.

Our Mission and Vision

Conservation of primary rainforest on a private base in cooperation with National Park Authorities of part of the last remaining primary lowland rainforest existing in Central America with one of the richest plant diversification on earth in a yet almost unknown area of Costa Rica.
Protection of Wildlife
Building and maintaining in harmony with its natural environment a small lodge offering comfortable accommodation, high standard services, nature and soft adventure for naturalists caring for the environment and respecting the local cultures.
Sustainable management and maintenance of the lodge avoiding negative impact to the environment, respecting local traditions and enpowering local comunities
Education and motivation of staff as well as guests to respect nature, natural resources and local traditions.
Support of a wildlife rehabilitation project close by and a tiny, remote school.

Our Goals

Offering high standard services and comfortable accommodation surrounded by undisturbed nature to ecological-conscious guests and to demonstrate that sustainable tourism can help to conserve the natural setting and its wildlife and contributes to local communities by creating jobs and regular income for their families. Education of local personnel by offering free Basic English lessons at the lodge site and to motivate them to live and work according the slogan: Reduce / Reuse / Recycle.

Our Actions and Activities

Minimize any negative impact to the environment that still may exist, respect local traditions, give jobs opportunities and income to locals for the benefit of the communities close by.

The following actions and activities have been taken:

Demonstrating that sustainable tourism conserves nature and creates income for local communities.
Motivation of our local employees on the daily job to protect the native flora and fauna and to treat natural resources with respect.
Being an example for our staff to keep the environment clean from trash, to separate waste and explaining them how to recycle, motivating them to save energy, gas as well as drinking water.
Being an example for our staff to keep the environment clean from trash, to save energy and gas as well as drinking water.
99% of our employees are from nearby communities.
Maintaining a good relationship with National Park authority ACOSA (Area de Conservacion de OSA).
Dogs, loggers, hunters or poachers are not allowed on our property or in the adjacent National Park.
Illegal activities are immediately reported to the park rangers of ACOSA.
We do not keep any animals in cages.
We do not sell any plants, animals or any products made thereof.
We only cut naturally fallen trees in our creeks to avoid flooding or on our trails for safety reasons.
Our hikes into the primary rainforest are lead by a local naturalist. Education of our local naturalist by different Biology Students from Europe.
We only allow small groups on our trails.
At least twice a year we clean the entire beach of stranded trash and bring it to Golfito for recycling to an acknowledged recycling center.
As the plane part of the property has been used years ago for plantation, there were no primary rainforest or secondary trees cut to clear the construction site.
Infrastructure, buildings and trails were designed to do as little harm to the environment as possible and to prevent erosion.
With 8 rooms for 22 clients at the most the lodge is very small to keep any negative impact on the environment as low as possible.
Electricity is generated by a hydro-plant; a gasoline generator is only used as backup system.
The pool is constantly filled with freshwater by the overflow of the hydro-plant; no use of chlorine or other chemicals.
Monitoring the pipelines of the hydro-plant on a daily basis, the drinking water pipeline on a monthly basis to prevent leaking and waste of water.
5 biological septic tanks with sewage drains of rocks for the black water.
Drainages of rocks around all buildings prevent erosion by heavy rainfall.
A drain of rocks is cleaning the black water of the kitchen and the waste water of the showers.
A Solar system heats the water for the showers.
Refillable containers are being used for biodegradable shampoo and soap.
Most of our cleaning products are biodegradable. To minimize our negative impact on the environment towels as well as bedsheets are not exchanged daily.
We only serve drinks in returnable bottles and avoid plastic bottles or cans. Glass and plastic bottles as well as cans will be brought to an acknowledged recycling center close by.
We serve butter and marmalade in reusable containers only, no use of one-way plastic cups or plates.
Vegetables and fruits are from our own garden or from local suppliers in Golfito. We serve local specialities slightly adapted, prepare our own jam and at times home-made bread.
No pesticides or herbicides are used, only insecticides based on vegetable extracts.
We only use chemicals in small quantities to fight termites.
Organical waste is being composted and used as fertilizer.
The trash is being separated and being brought to Golfito for recycling or its final disposal.
For emergency cases we have a well-stocked first aid kit at hand.
We invite biology students to study the rainforest. During their 3 months stay they give English lessons to our employees and improve the knowledge of natural history of our local naturalist.
Well-selected Library on nature of the tropics in the restaurant is available to the guests.
Small Info-ranchito with hangouts of local flora and fauna, the release projects, local history and traditions.
Our local staff members are pleased to inform our guests about local culture and traditions.

Conservation and Environment Projects supported by Golfo Dulce Lodge over the last years (part financement, free use of lodge infrastructure, donations, etc.)


Reliberation Project of confiscated ocelots and margays

Zoo Ave

Reliberation Project of Scarlet Macaws and parrots, formerly held as pets


Reliberation Facility for various wildlife confiscated by ACOSA during roadblocks on Easter Weeks (mainly newly born parrots taken out of their nests to be sold in the local pet market)


Workshop at low cost for National Park Rangers, MINAE- and INbio-Delegates


Donation of a boat for patrolling the coast


Free use of lodge infrastructure during their 3 days monthly stay during the hatching period of an endangered needle fish specy

Our pending Tasks

Improvement of environmental education and motivation of staff
New promotional items to be printed on recycled paper
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