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Cultural Events and Traditions

Independence Day Festivities in Paso Canoas

Cultural Events and Traditions - Costa Rica Independence DayOn the 15th September every year, the brotherhood between Costa Rica and Panama is celebrated in the small border town of Paso Canoas, about 2 hours away by car from Golfito.

This day is known as the Dia de Indepedencia and is home to a grand celebration to remember the day when the Costa Rican Government became independent from Spanish control.

Presentations and parades from schools and colleges fill the streets. Musical bands, entertainers and marching processions from Costa Rican and Panamenian fire brigades take part.

Although the parades and processions only occur on the 15th, a funfair is in Paso Canoas from the 9th up to the 20th September. This funfair, called Ciudad Magica or Magic City, offers lots of entertainment such as carousels, bumper cars, bull running, discos and various types of local food and drinks.

It is an event that everyone, young or old, locals and tourists, can enjoy. Don't miss it!

Cultural Events and Traditions - Costa Rica Independence Day


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