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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a road to the Golfo Dulce Lodge?
No, the lodge is only accessible by boat in about 30 minutes either from Golfito along the scenic coast of the Golfo Dulce or from Puerto Jimenez crossing the Golfo Dulce. Due to the weather conditions we prefer to pick up our clients in the late mornings, in the afternoon the Golfo Dulce gets sometimes rough and it might rain.

Where could we leave our rental car?
We recommend to leave your car at the safe and guarded parking lot of the Restaurant Samoa del Sur in Golfito at a daily rate of US$ 10. Please pay the parking fee directly at the Restaurant prior leaving Golfito to the lodge site.

At what time are the boat transfers?
All clients will be informed individually of our transfer schedule at reservation date. As preinformation please note that the boat from the Restaurant Samoa del Sur in Golfito usually leaves at 11.00am / 11.30am. Time of boat transfers from the public harbour of Puerto Jimenez will be set individually. For those clients arriving by plane we would be pleased to arrange a taxi waiting for you at the airstrip at a small surcharge for the taxi fare.

Is there a weight limit for our luggage?
Yes, please limit your luggage for the boat transfer to 12 kilos / 25 lbs per person. Those arriving with rental car can leave the excess luggage either in the car or store it in a safe storage room at the Restaurant Samoa del Sur at no additional cost.

What should we wear for the boat transfer?
Due to environmental reasons, we do not have a landing stage at the lodge beach. Depending on tide you may have to walk a few steps through shallow water. We recommend to wear shorts and open sandals.

Are there life vests, rain gear and plastic for the luggage on the boat?


What should we bring along?
Light summer clothing (incl. long light trousers for excursions and the evenings), bathing suit, raincoat, good walking shoes, binoculars, camera and films, insect repellent, sun blocker, flashlight. Voltage at the lodge site is 110V.

Is there electricity at the lodge?
Yes, electricity is generated by a hydro-plant; a gasoline generator is only used as backup system.

Is there hot water for the showers?
Yes, at sunny days a solar system heats the water for the showers. We recommend to take your shower in the late afternoons (prior sunset) as at night and in the early morning the water cools off and there might no more be hot water available.

Is there a swimming pool?
Yes, our pool is constantly filled with freshwater by the overflow of the hydro-plant; we do not use chlorine or other chemicals.

What can we see?
Birding specialists have identified around 340 different bird species (including reintroduced scarlet macaws). There is a great chance to see coatimundis, peccaries, capuchin and squirrel monkeys, pacas, agoutis and opossums and maybe even tracks of a shy ocelot. We also have 3 different types of poisonous dart frogs as well as red-eyed frogs on the property. On the boat transfer or boat tour you may also see dolphins.

Are there many bugs around?

No. Except on a few nights per year, there are hardly any bugs. Nevertheless, bring insect repellent and wear long trousers during the evenings.

What about snakes?
Being surrounded by pure nature, once in a while there may also be snakes around. They are very shy and normally only attack and bite when surprised and stepped on. For safety reasons please always watch where you step on.

Are there any other Restaurants close-by?
No, the lodge is on a very remote beach surrounded by pure nature; there are no other restaurants or shops close by.

What about medical facilities?
There are private doctors as well as a hospital in Golfito; at the lodge site we have a first aid kit.

Can we pay with credit cards?
No, due to the remote location and unsolved communication problems we are still unable to accept credit cards. Payments have to be in cash (US$ or local currency Colones) or by traveller cheques (US$). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Where can we guard our valuables?
For your safety in all Deluxe and Standard rooms there are safes installed where you can keep your valuables while you enjoy and relax at the lodge site. 

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