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Comments by Satisfied Clients

We had an excellent week birding and exploring the Golfo Dulce grounds and surrounding area. A few of the many highlights were: fantastic view of both Spectacled and Crested Owl, many, many Antbirds, Toucans, Hummingbirds, Trogons, Tanagers, Flycatchers. Daily wake-up calls from both Little and Great Tinamou, Laughing Falcon and of course the beautiful Scarlet Macaws. We found approx. 140 species of birds within the immediate surroundings of the lodge - a Birders Paradise! Two Tayra encounters were unexpected and thrilling as were the many sightings of Capuchins and Squirrel Monkeys along with many Coatis, Agoutis and red-brocket Deer. The night walks around the pond each night to spend time with the many Frogs, Toads, Snakes and other night critter were also a treat.

John & Laura, Oregon and Pat & Wil, Chicago, January 2010


Thank you for a wonderful stay. What a paradise! The food and hospitality was wonderful. Thanks for making the stay so pleasant.

Jana & Zoe, Canada, January 2010


Many, many thanks for a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing stay. We have enjoyed the forest, the sea, the flora and fauna and especially the nightly 'frog hunts' each evening. Finding this little paradise and your comfortable accommodations has been so good - the meals delicious, too. Good luck with your conservation endeavours - we will definitely recommend Golfo Dulce Lodge to our friends back home.

The Wigford family, Wales, December 2009


Thank you very much for your hospitality in this special place. We have had a remarkable few days in particular; the scorpions, scarlet macaws in flight, peccary herds, red-brocket deer, the woodpecker eating into the cabin, bats, agouti, seasnake and the frog attempting but failing to eat a false fer-de-lance snake, red-eyed leaf frogs etc. etc.....

Mary & Nick, United Kingdom, August 2008


It's wonderful to stay here and discover again the pleasure of having time and just relax and enjoy the simple things in life. We are going to miss the peace at little paradise.

Miriam & Janice, Canada, August 2008


We had a great time here but it was too short. The jungle walks in the evening and morning were great. Keep up the good work. We will be back with friends.

Gabor & Peter, USA, July 2008


A very big thank you to Golfo Dulce Lodge. We really enjoyed our few days and take home far too many photos of macaws, toucans and red-eyed tree frogs.

Jill & Michael, Australia, April 2008


Thank you for a wonderful 3 days of nature, sun, peacefulness, kayaking, orchids, hiking. We heard noises we have never heard before - especially the squauk of the macaws. We hope you continue your eco-lodge for many years to come.

Scott & Michele, Ohio, USA, January 2008


Heartiest congratulations on wonderful Golfo Dulce Lodge. Our warmest compliments to you all.

Colleen & Lance, USA, January 2008


Thanks very much for your hospitality - we have really enjoyed the nature, the activities, the people and the food.

Paul & Jo, United Kingdom, January 2008


We have all read about the Garden of Eden. We think a Biblical Phantasy not known to the real world. But Golfo Dulce Loge proves otherwise. Here is a true paradise

Kay & Paul, PA, USA, January 2008


Thank you for a wonderful stay at Golfo Dulce Lodge. We are so greatful for the amazing rainforest experience over Christmas, the animals, the hammocks at the beach, pace of the day, food, the rainforest hikes... we enjoyed all of it and every meal was incredibly deliceous.

The Philipps Family, USA, December 2007


The nature was really amazing and we learnt so much about plants and mammals in few days. the toucans, the deer, the red-eyed and poisonous dart frogs, the pigs, the agoutis, the coatis as well as the tayra. We also enjoyed kayaking surrounded by playing dolphins and listening to the night concerts of the friendly bats. The meals were delicious and there was no chance that we could loose weigth as each dish was a harmony of taste.

Kerstin & Gaetan, Belgium, December 2007


What a great place..... Jon really enjoyed his natural wake-up call. This is such a wonderful place you have with frindly and hospitable staff. Our 10 hour hike into the the jungle is one I'll never forget. I look forward returning soon.

Sandy & John, New York, November 2007


The Golfo Dulce Lodge is really a paradise on earth, the animals, the forest and the beaches are like nature ought to be. The cabins are great. The sounds of the animals, the rain on the roofs... a great experience...

Saline & Peter, Germany, September 2007


We really felt at home here at Golfo Dulce Lodge. Our son Chrys learnt to snorkel and he wouldn't stop doing it for days.... We were very glad we saw the dolphins and scarlet macaws and all the different frogs and snakes around the garden. We enjoyed the kayaking, too. We also would like to thank your staff who were all very kind, showing animals, opening coconuts and making grasshoppers.

Igor, Chris & Irma, Belgium, July 2007


Thank you for your hospitality. We enjoyed the two days in your unspoiled paradise emensely and hope to come back some day. This stay has made our honeymoon extra special.

David & Iza, Belgium, April 2007


Wow, what a place. A true ecolodge in every sense of the word.

Mitch, USA, April 2007


Golfo Dulce Lodge is a beautiful place. We enjoyed our stay here and also the friendliness and hospitality. Today I saw bird number 100 (actually a total both seen and heard). I got many excellent bird song recordings.

Kristin & Helge, Norway, April 2007


Thank you for a wonderful experience of unspoiled Costa Rica. You have built a place that sits lightly on the landscape and shows great respect for the magnificent flora and fauna. It was exciting to see the scarlet macaws and various tanagers, watching the tamandua (anteater) climbing. The kapoc tree and the squirrel monkeys were unforgetable. The food was healthy and delicious, the cabin comfortable and the quiet relaxing.

Carol & Roger, California, March 2007


After twelve years of vacation in Costa Rica, we found a jewel in the rainforest: The Golfo Dulce Lodge. It is your engagement for nature which has enabled us to see rare wild animals even from the porch of our cabin. In no small measure it is also the merit of your guests which have always been very disciplined. The biodiversity of the rainforest of Costa Rica is most clearly evident in the forest surrounding the Golfo Dulce Lodge. You and your staff have made our four-weeks stay here among the best we ever had anywhere. And, by the way, your cooking skills are unsurpassed ! Even at this time, we are planning to spend our next vacation at the Golfo Dulce Lodge.

Bill & Friederike, Galway/Ireland, January/February 2007


Thank you for a wonderful experience of unspoiled Costa Rica. You have built a place that sits lightly on the landscape and shows great respect for the magnificent flora and fauna. It was exciting to see the scarlet macaws and watching the tamandua (anteater). The kapok tree and the squirrel monkeys over by the shelter were unforgetable. The food was healthy and delicious, the cabin comfortable, the quiet relaxing.

Carol & Roger, California, March 2007


I have enjoyed my stay at Golfo Dulce Lodge very, very much. It is so quiet but then so crowded with wildlife. You think you have seen it all but just around the corner meters above your head a new surprise is dooming up for you. Spectacular ! Everyone at Golfo Dulce Lodge was very friendly and helpful. It is a marvelous place to stay and experience.

Raphael, Virginia, February 2007


I was in paradise for a few days. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. I am glad I could be a part of it. Thanks for all the good care, you and all the people who work on Golfo Dulce Lodge were so helpful, kind and always cheerful. I hope to come back in the future.

Gwendolina, Netherlands, February 2007


The Golfo Dulce Lodge is a beautiful place and there are many things that make this place truly ecologically sustainable. Keep up the good work.

John, Canada, February 2007


We had a wonderful time at Golfo Dulce Lodge and enjoyed experiencing your excellent ecofriendly project here in Costa Rica. Wonderful cabinas, setting and staff. We will definitely recommend Golfo Dulce Lodge to our family and friends.

Kathrine & Cindy, Canada, January 2007


After 10 days travelling through Costa Rica, it was the best choice to end our journey in this wonderful lodge. Nearly paradise, no cars, only silcence and the sounds of the wildlife.

Joke & Peter, Netherlands, January 2007


We really enjoyed our time at Golfo Dulce Lodge. Days full of wonder, fun, peaceful nature. We will surely tell our friends about this beautiful place, and maybe we will be back some day.

Koen & Elly, Belgium, August 2006


What a beautiful place to come and stay ! Such great, warm hospitality, lovely cabinas and wonderful food ! We feel as though we have discovered a special paradise, and we know you will strive to keep it that way. We only wish we could stay longer ... maybe next time !

Erin and Tarn, Colorado - March 2006


Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the number of places that take your breath away. This place definitely did !

Marian & David, Florida, March 2006


Thanks to Esther for helping organizing a pelagic birding trip for Soo and Flip and the crew from Osprey Tours. Outstanding food and hospitality. We shall return to enjoy the land birds around the lodge as well as the pelagics. We saw over 2000 pelagic birds of many species. A great place and lovely stay.

Tom Palmer, Massachusetts - March 2006


This is a true paradise of plants, birds and wildlife. The sounds at dawn and nightfall are a delight. Thank you for your warm welcome and excellent hospitality. This is definite a highlight of Costa Rica.

Joyce Lawrence, Scotland - February 2006


Peninsula de Osa is beautiful, but Golfo Dulce is stunning and deserves even more recognition from other than people who already know and appreciate it. Birds are magnificent and seem much more accessible than on the Osa. The Cabins are superb, with the bathrooms probably second to none for cleanliness. All the staff were all so helpful and friendly. A lodge that is very special, please keep it that way. We would like to come back

Roger and Mandy, England - February 2006


To come to the Golfo Dulce is to slip out of the world of everyday business and to close the door on all the 'must-dos' and to retreat to the unbelievable beauty of the natural world, the air is fragrant and humming and buzzing with the sound of birds and insects. It is enough to sit, look, listen .. Thank you for providing this retreat complete with wonderful food and great accommodation. We are very sad to leave and hope to return. We leave with wonderful memories to refresh us as we get back to work at home.

Christine, Greg and Eva Ward, Massachusetts - February 2006


This is as close to paradise as I have been on this earth – complete peace and relaxation. I have enjoyed the gracious and thoughtful hospitality, the comfortable accommodations, delicious food and surrounding nature. You have created a beautiful retreat in the jungle.

M. O’Connor, Palo Alto, California


Nous ne sommes malheureusement restés que 2 jours bien trop court pour profiter de toutes ces merveilles. Un vrai paradis. On a vraiment eu beaucoup de plaisir á séjourner ici. Merci pour votre accueil, votre gentillesse et merci également á tout le personnel. La nourriture est également excellente .. On reviendra.

C. Antonucci, Suisse


A wonderful little piece of paradise ! Thanks for arranging the toucans.

J. Denny, England


Basilisks, macaws, squirrel monkeys and a wild party of frogs to serenade us to sleep – what more could we ecologists on holiday ask for ! A very enjoyable stay, good food and expert help with identifying and finding wildlife.

C.Astrop , England


Thank you ….. for such a great vacation at Golfo Dulce !

J.T. Bell, Charleston


I will miss waking up to the ‘noisy birds’, taking a walk in the forest before breakfast and listening to the concert of the jungle. You have made life very comfortable and enjoyable for us and we are grateful. Hasta la proxima vez.

D.Tompkins, Seattle


Delightful, peaceful place ! Very well looked after. The peace and quiet such a change from the normal artificial mechanical noises. Thanks to all for a super stay.

Tuner Family, England


Ein wunderschönes Stück Paradies in angenehmer Atmosphäre, das mir immer in Erinnerung bleiben wird.

R.Thoma, Wädenswil, Schweiz


The lodge is well designed, well managed and in a jewel setting. Thanks for letting us share it. We appreciate what you are doing for the conservation of the forests and the wildlife of the Golfo Dulce.

Rainforest Alliance, New York


We have added to our list of birds seen, lost pounds of water via sweat only to replace it with great food. We have learnt a lot more about nature.

W. & G.Hubert, England


Thank you for a wonderful time. You guys are truly contributing to the health of this region. Keep the good work going.

‘Wild Thing’ Film Crew, California


We were only here for a day filming for the Really Wild Show and we all wish we could stay ! Fantastic location, great wildlife and delicious food – what more could a crew want?

Anna Riho, BBC Film Crew, London


This has been a magical few days. Everyone in the world should experience this once in their live.

Chris, Devon, England

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